Monday, April 30, 2007

Working and weekends...

About all of my nights (6 of 7) are spent working. As soon as the boys fall asleep, I go into work mode, and pull out my desk, laptop, project folders and print out my to-do list. While I do check email and do work during breaks and naps during the day, in general my work happens between 8PM and 1 or 2AM. I know many moms who have children who quietly play on their own for a few hours a day while they work - but my kids just don't have that temperament! My husband is in grad school while also working full time, so his nights match mine and it works out for us (he graduates in only a few weeks!!!).

Some weeks there are many projects, deadlines and it can be hard to turn that off with everything running through my head - lists, ideas, messages. But I also know my children need me to be 100% present when I am with them. The mental switch is something I have a hard time with when it is really busy (don't we all). This weekend was one of the busiest - many projects in progress, a few "emergencies", plus volunteer projects all needing some updates.

To help out a little during naptime, my husband took out our oldest on the newest addition - a third wheel! After debating a few options, we decided since his regular bike is fine for riding around in the alley, that the third wheel would make us more mobile for family rides - and if he is tired he doesn't have to pedal. They went out for their first run Saturday. A was grinning from ear to ear and pedaling so fast (even downhill, I hear!).

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