Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Magnet letters are fun.

Last weekend we bought some magnet letters for the fridge (round 02). A has been wanting to spell and is "writing letters" to all of his imaginary friends, so we thought he might enjoy them. This morning I heard a sound coming from the kitchen as I was dressing the toddler. Mmmmmmmmmmm-aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-mmmmmmmmmmmm. Over and over. I went into the kitchen, and the 4 year old had spelled mom and dad with the letters! How amazing!
A little while later, he was going through his dictionary (he calls it his great big book of everything, after Stanley). He was looking at "T" because it has a train, tractor, tugboat and many other items all on one page. He asked what type of train was in the photo--it is a TGV (train à grande vitesse, which means "high-speed train", France's high speed rail). He went through the letters on the fridge many times. He is mostly just familiar with upper case letters, and not so much lower, so is wading through some of that with the whole set. He asked questions a few times, "Mom, is this a V?". He then had it. The train is a TGV. Voila!

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