Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gettin' a Job

We generally don't use rewards for behavior with the boys. A is 4 now, and we usually talk things through. He helps out and cleans up after himself, but we don't have "chores". Getting "things" also isn't what we want to focus on, so if he wants something he doesn't have to earn it, but it goes on the list(we each have a "wish list").

Suddenly this evening, after reviewing page by page an entire Thomas catalog he found in the back of the car, he announced "I need a job so I can earn some money". He came over, started to help me fold laundry and he spoke of all the work around the house he could do to earn money to buy the trains he wanted. Wow. We haven't gotten out with other kids much AT ALL since like November due to one bug after another hitting the little asthma guy (the 2 year old). We don't watch a ton of tv - only some Noggin or PBS kids stuff. But there you go. Guess he decided he is going to work for money!

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