Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I find it so interesting to see peeks of things with the boys. Personality differences, talents, interests..

For example, with art/crafts. A is now 4, but in all of his years generally doesn't have much interest in coloring or painting. He enjoys something like painting, in a way, but only if he can pile the biggest glob on paper and roll over it with a truck. Or, dump the entire cup of gray water from the painting onto the paper and roll over it. Play-doh, same thing. For YEARS A has had no interest in the cutting shapes, rollers, or other dough implements. Roll it flat, get out the tractor, run it over. Sandbox too - A, for years has been a machine digger, G is a wiggle his toes making sandcastles.

Sure, we make crafts...for A, glitter glue holds down cutouts of machines and sea creatures in shoe box dioramas. But his idea of fun is power tools. Or hammering nails. Assembling and taking apart. Figuring out how everything works. Anything with a screw in it, he has taken it apart and put it back together again. He reads books over and over (or should I say he makes his parents read over and over and over and over) until he memorizes facts, figures, statistics, information. He likes writing recently, but his handwriting/letters (well, for all 4 year olds) are big and blocky.

G, on the other hand, while only 2 is a different creature. He LOVES to draw. Teeny little swirly spirals, colors, filling in blocks. He loves to glue too. Glue little dots, pieces of paper, stars, shapes. He loves to paint. Swirly, different colors, lines, shapes. He likes play-doh. He rarely if EVER shows ANY interest in the huge bin of machines to choose from to smush the play-doh with. Instead, he likes to roll. Stamp. Cut-out shapes. Roll little balls (and throw them across the room). Make worms (and throw them across the room).

In the big picture they like the same things. Music - memorizing every word and singing at the top of their lungs together. Going fast. Jumping off of things that are very, very high. Playing ring around the rosy naked. Jumping on the bed. Bunny crackers. But I can tell even now, they are going to be soooo different. A is my little engineer (he wants to be a marine biologist he says, so perhaps same attention to detail), G my little artist?

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