Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Green on Sundance...

Did anyone see the new show on Sundance - "THE GREEN"?

I am always interested in seeing how much information and innovation will be generated by the current attention. Any new technologies or information we can use now? What more can we as a family do. My husband and I also like knowing about the science of things. So my tivo was set as soon as I heard about this new show.

I think the show was smart and interesting. The small blips of information and stories made it quick and easy to follow. Of course the people featured are innovative and passionate and I loved hearing from each person - both the well known (such as David Suzuki) and the regular people working to make an impact. The cinematography and music was very textural and dynamic (of course, it is Sundance). I am interested to see the next episode and where it goes from here!!

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