Sunday, April 15, 2007

Learning to pedal.

Last fall, G was just learning to pedal a little hot wheels type of toy, but hasn't ridden all winter. With all of his asthma issues and ear infections all winter he has just hated being outside at all until this week when it warmed up a bit (yeah, I know, almost a foot of snow earlier this week, but it was also in the 50s!). When the warm weather comes, all of the children from our block flood into our carriage lane on bikes, tricycles, scooters, hot wheels and every wheeled or ride on toy you can imagine. G saw everyone riding and decided he wanted to ride too. We pulled out the Radio Flyer tricycle and he spent awhile riding slowly back and forth as the kids whizzed past him, with his feet slipping off, always veering to the right. He was a little frustrated, but after watching his feet on the pedals for awhile, he finally had a rhythm, and was on the go. Not as fast as the bigger kids, and still in the perpetual right turn, but definitely moving without needing a push. He kept telling me - I ride bike mySELF.

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