Saturday, April 07, 2007

Getting into a rhythm

Well, A and I talked a bit, and he liked the idea of a "rhythm" to help him get through the day without worrying or obsessing so much about every little thing. We went over the sample rhythm I posted the other day, and talked a bit about what types of things he liked to do, what he wanted more time for, and what activities he would like to try. I then combined that with a few playgroups already in place and G's naptimes - and voila. He also planned a few items for specific days of the week - like baking bread, building projects, library visit days, nature walks, climbing gym, and computer time. He sure likes to plan. He wants me to draw a calendar with images for each day...maybe we can make a chart together.

After that talk, he repeatedly asked when will it be Saturday because that is his afternoon at the climbing gym with dad day, so we circled the day on a calendar and pinned it up for him. He wanted a little rope and a kid drawn with a harness so he would know it meant climbing gym. I think that is what he wants for every day of the week. I think I might need some big poster board!

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