Monday, April 23, 2007

How I Became a Pirate

We reserved this book at the many friends have kids into pirates. Mine, not so interested. I thought the artwork looked amazing, so I got it for myself!! After sitting down and relaxing, A really enjoyed the book. So much that I had to read it many times a day. He wanted me to get out the pirate "hook" and bandana for him to wear, and even put on a play silk sash. G, who is only 2 and not usually interested in anything but CLOSING any book we are reading, enjoyed the pictures too. He even put on the costume several times and ran around the house screaming ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR. And "hoydare" (ahoy there!).


Laura said...

Hi Denise. Love your site and your photos. My name is Laura and I'm part of the Green Girl's Guide. Just wanted to say thanks for checking us out and for linking to our site! Love to see other green mamas out there... and in the neighborhood! :)

denise said...

Hi Laura! I love your blog. Glad you visited! :) Denise