Saturday, April 21, 2007

First sewing machine experience.

My sweet little (big) 4 year old tore his favorite butterfly canvas bag last week. The one that he uses to carry his trains, rubber insects, and collections everywhere we go. It wasn't very thick canvas, and so no surprise it tore. I asked him if he would like to make a new one with me, and that he could choose the fabric and straps and everything else. We could make it double strong with a lining of canvas. He was excited, and extended his assistance to wanting to sew on the machine and help with pinning, etc. I saw on another mom blog last week that her (a bit older) son was safely operating a sewing machine, so I said as long as we worked as a team we could, as there are sharp or pointy parts. He agreed. He picked his fabric, helped smooth it out and we cut it "together". He inserted pins with me, and helped prepare the bobbin. When we began to sew, he helped guide with his left hand, feed with his right, and push the pedal as he leaned against me. He was so focused and did a great job keeping the lines straight. Now, we didn't do anything complicated...the inside is raw edges and the straps (simple wide brown bias tape) are machine sewn right into the inside (not in between lining and bag), but he did it! It is very cute and very durable, and he has proudly carried his trains in it everywhere for the last 2 days since we made it. At a cafe today (great new local place, Indigo in Verona), he chatted away to a woman about how he sewed it with me, and how we make such a great team. I agree!

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