Sunday, April 08, 2007

Winging It Sewing - Kids Chair

Last fall I found an upholstered pooh rocking chair at a garage sale for $3 that was in good shape. This was great for me because I have such horrible allergies that anything new that is furniture with fabric generally has to sit in the basement for a long time just to air out enough to come into my home. It just needed a new cover. The same day I found 2 large pieces of fabric for $1 at a different garage sale that I thought would make a nice cover. When I (finally) got to making the cover I simply pinned the fabric together wrong side out right over the chair. Cut along the pins, sewed it up and put on a hem. It felt like it was NOT the most neat/patterned approach, but it worked. The cover fits well, there is a matching pillow (although the kids took it off to add our home made plushies to the chair for the photo) and I can slip it off and wash it easily. I am on the look out now for new fabric for a second cover...this one definitely gets a lot of wear since it is the favorite chair!

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