Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ribbon Blankets

I try to keep a stash of homemade ribbon blankets, burp cloths, soft stars and other "new baby" items so that I can have gifts for neighborhood moms who have babies. I got behind and missed a few new babes in my sub division, but I have been on a roll and sewed a few more. I love the flannel kids patterns which I use on one side, and soft fuzzy fleece on the other. I use scraps of ribbons. My inspiration came from two ribbon blankets that date wayyyyy back to my baby-hood that my grandmother made - she used scraps of ribbons, lace, interfacing, and hand made bias tape from hems and trims of altered skirts and other fun florals. These don't have quite the same eclectic feel of mine from the 60's, but they are so soft and interesting to the tiny ones. I always raid the remnants bin at the fabric store, so have a wide variety of fabrics and ribbons to choose from on hand. Remnants are also great for soft blocks, soft stars, and burp cloths!

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Dawnelle said...

Those are adorable! One of my friend's moms made me one for one of our kids and they loved it!