Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just the beginning - snow, snow, snow!

We are supposed to get 8-10" today. Nice day to cozy up at home with the boys, have some coffee, listen to big band, and do some crafts. We were expecting the storm so yesterday we made a run for supplies. Plenty of snacks, clay, paint, paper, colored pencils, and glitter glue. A also picked up a mazes book. Thus far today the boys have wanted to play at the train table and race circles around the house...A with his scooter and G with his big car. I get the fun job of being the toll taker. Every lap, I have to yell "STOP! Please pay the toll!!!" and I get a kiss. G has been doing this lately too - and every time A passes him he yells "TOP! peez pay ya toe!!!". He gets a kiss.


Amy Lu said...

Hello! I am in Sheboygan, just a little north east of you.

So this is what's coming our way? Yuck! :o)

I found you through the Mom Blogs yesterday. We are also homeschooling, we also live in WI, I also have 2 children (mine are 21 months apart), and we are also taking a Waldorf-ish approach. I've read back through your posts, you have a great blog! I look forward to reading more!

denise said...


Oh yes, and there is more. We are in quite the storm right now.

How great to "meet" another WI mom with children the same age apart, homeschooling, with similar approaches! :) Yay!

Love your blog - I'll definitely be back to read more too!!