Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Playground.

Today it was sunny and in the 20's...which is perfect weather to get out and play in! The shoveling and plowing from this crazy winter has left mountainous piles of snow in front of our house. Perfect for something...but what?

The boys decided they wanted to make a snow slide, so we carved out stairs leading up, a path across the top, and a slide chute coming down.

Lots of fun in the sun!


tiff said... much fun...i remember when we lived in Unalakleet the man that cleared the snow off the roads would make a huge snow bank off to the side...just so the boys' could climb up and slide down...or JUMP...yikes...of course this same guy lived right next to the snow bank and across from he did this purely for selfish reasons...he loved watching the boys' his own two boys' were teenagers and off on snowmachines...ha :)

gotta love the sun!!!!

World Wide Alternative said...

I can't even imagine how much fun that must've been!
(I've tagged you too...) Xxx

Tara said...

The sunshine makes this whole winter thing bearable doesn't it?
We are bathed in the sweet light of the sun here too,
but grocery shopping awaits! Argg!!

Teaching Handwork said...

Oh I miss snow so much!
can we come over to play?

dawn klinge said...

That looks like so much fun. I'm glad it "warmed" up enough for your boys to get outside and play.

Ayla said...

what a winter wonderland!

Sandy said...

My dear friend lives in Madison and I can't believe all the snow.
We are getting bulbs coming up!
Fun visiting you.

Stacie said...

Great pics! My son loves to do the same thing. So how many inches of snow have you received this winter?

denise said...

stacie-We set the record for annual snowfall a few weeks back when we hit 76 inches, and are now well into 80-something inches for the season. Another 8" is expected Monday...and it usually snows through March...sometimes even in April.

Crazy winter! So we don't usually get this much, and it is only February! :) My 4 year old said he is "so done" with winter! Hee.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, that looks like fun!

The snowplow has yet to show up today, though we got five inches overnight.
But it is warmer here, as the sun plays peek-a-boo with the wind!

I guess what we got is now headed your way. You seem to be having one of those "real midwestern winters," the kind we used to have there every year when I was growing up, but which have become rarer now.

Lizz said...

I use to do that too as a snowy places.

amanda said...

That looks like so much fun! That's quite a heap of snow you've got.

Aimee said...

Okay it is absolutely HILARIOUS to me that y'all think the perfect day to play is sunny and 20!!!! We wouldn't even leave our house if it were 20 whether sunny, rainy, snowy!!!!! I now know why you northern mamas pine away for spring/summer so badly...your winter is long!!

denise said...

aimee - You are right! :)

I will say that 20º at the beginning of winter does feel cold. But in Feb. when it has been -15º? Sunny and 20 feels pretty warm. My neighbors were even out in t-shirts shoveling the melting snow, and many (many!) people here still ride their bikes to work!