Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One More - Hearts.

Last one, I promise! My last craft for the boys is felt bean bags. Well, I used rice since that is what I had available, but same idea!

I used two colors of felt, and cut into 4 1/2 x 6 inch pieces. I cut out small hearts from a piece of the color I used on the back, and embroidered it onto the center of the front piece.

I sewed around the edges using a zig-zag stitch (so rice won't easily come out), leaving a hole open on one side to fill. I filled mine with rice which was scented with a few drops of sweet orange essential oil...but you can make it unscented or using beans instead.

After stuffing with the rice, I stitched the hole closed on the machine, and then using pinking shears, trimmed around the edges.

Voila! The bags are fun for tossing games (get a few different sized boxes or bowls to toss into), playing catch in the house, or as doll pillows!


tamlovesran said...

I love those!


Anonymous said...

All this and room left to blog about it: your gift to the rest of us.

dawn klinge said...

You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

very sweet! I need to start using my pinking shears more often...that little zigzag edge is so cute!

World Wide Alternative said...

Everyone's been so busy!
Everything is very inspiring over here! Xxx

Shirl said...

What beautiful bean-bags and a very lovely blog. I found you when visiting Poppy and Mei's blog... :0)

Tara said...

Adorable little bean bags!
Owen is down with a nasty head cold and cough, so crafts are on hold for now.
:( (Everytime I try to sew felt on the machine it bunches up! Is there a trick?)

amanda said...

Love these! I wanted to make felt bean bags for my son but I couldn't get them to come out right. Now I know what I was doing wrong--trim the sides with pinking shears AFTER they are all stitched up--of course!!

Thank you thank you . . . my son thanks you too :)

homemoma said...

i was reading your kids book list. we love astrid lindgren books here. they are so sweet and funny.

cute bean bags. never thought of making those things. i should get my sewing maschine down.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

This would be a great thing for me to work on with the kids as a first sewing project!