Monday, February 04, 2008

Catching Up.

Over the past two weeks I have received a few nice awards - I have been a bit behind with all of the flu hoopla and a mountain of work - so I have been slow responding to these as well. Here is my attempt to say thanks to the awesome mamas who sent them here, and to pass off some of this good blogging juju to some others!

Thank you to Laura at Wistful Wanderlust - always a funny and smart read, check her out!

I am supposed to pass this along to 10 or more people (too hard to choose!). Here are just a few of the excellent blogs I enjoy reading:

Red Dirt Mother
Free Range Academy
Living Alaska
Full Circle
Renaissance Mama
Nurtured By Love
Periwinkles and Pine

This one comes from Poppy and Mei Days. What a lovely life they lead.

So, to spread the love, here are a few blogs I have recently discovered:

Waldorf Mama
The Little Nest
Eclectically Yours
La Casa Nella Prateria (The Little House on the Prairie)

OK. There could be endless lists going on and on forever. I'll stop now!


dawn klinge said...

Your blog is excellent! Thanks for the award.

Claudia - La Casa nella Prateria said...

Oh...Thank you Denise... I feel very flattered!

Humble said...

It's always nice to be appreciated in your own lifetime. Thank you! And may I say, I am your biggest fan.

Maria said...

Yowza! Thanks for mentioning me! What happens now, do I "pass it on" sort of thing? I'm a first timer at this ya know!

Sally said...

Yikes! Thanks, Denise, now I have to spend MORE time on the internet -- all these awesome blogs I have to delve into! oh, well.....

on to the fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Now I'm off to share the love!