Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Give it a spin.

I have a new header which is a photo of G pointing out Wisconsin on our globe. The globe is a source of much fun in this house - both boys love spinning and finding places.

They like to find places they have visited and states where family members live. Locating places they hope to visit is also fun. For A, this includes attractions such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium or islands he is interested in lately such as Tahiti, the Faroe Islands, or Fiji. We spin, chat, and look at mountains, oceans, rivers, and coastline. All so interesting!

And of course they both love finding one other spot - Home!


World Wide Alternative said...

Love the new header!
We often talk about OZ & Japan & who in the family lives where.
A globe would help alot...Xxx

dawn klinge said...

I like the big size of that globe. I'm sure that makes it much easier for your boys to find things on it. I need to get ours out and have my kids find things on it a bit- great idea.

Lizz said...

For a long time there was a giant globe at our library. The whole state of Oregon was rubbed off from so many kids identifying where they live.

Hi! said...

My neighbor friend & I did the same thing when we were little! I love your new header, hadn't realized how colorful a globe can be.