Saturday, February 02, 2008

Photos of the Day.

Lighting Candles.

Drying Grains & Baking Bread.


Lizz said...

Happy Imbolc to you.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Tell me more...what is the significance of the candles? Is baking bread customary, too, or is it also baking day?

Very pretty pictures!

It's (un) officially spring!

Happy day as the light increases.

dawn klinge said...

Happy Imbolc! This was our first year observing this day and I'm so glad we did.

World Wide Alternative said...

You've been so busy!
All your pics are beautiful, I love the singing & drumming ones.
I hope you are all feeling better, your celebrations of Imbolc look great.
It's a fun one, no? Xxx

Claudia - La Casa nella Prateria said...

Beautiful kids and beautiful pictures...

Lisa Zahn said...

I'm jealous! We didn't get to celebrating Imbolc yesterday, due to a ski race and work party all day.

I hope to make some candles and do a little meditation with St./Goddess Brigid sometime this week. I love the book _Goddess Alive!_ by Michelle Skye for info. on the Celtic/Norse holidays as well as the Goddesses.


stircrazy said...

Not related to photos, just need some advice. I'm a pregnant (8 months) mom of a two-year old, and we're both bored and pushing each others buttons. He's in a new phase of needing lots of activity, but not yet controlled enough to paint, pour lentils/rice, etc. without wanting to decorate the walls/rugs/floor/stereo/etc. with his handiwork. I look forward to warmer weather, when we can run outside. Till then, I need advice on what to do with a two-year-old to make things lively. Also, we don't really have a set schedule. Do you find that an everyday schedule makes the time pass? Small town winter life is making us crazy.