Monday, February 04, 2008


My 3 year old has reached another emotional milestone right as we spend more time inside during these days of sleet, ice, and snow. It is all the regular three year old discovering "me" stuff--temper tantrums, harassing big brother, opinionated, huffy, spunky, pushing buttons, testing boundaries (maybe if I climb onto this table I can reach that chandelier), wreaking havoc wherever he goes!

My remedy for the chaos of three is helping. He helps me grind my coffee beans in the morning, helps make breakfast, helps with all baking, helps with cooking prep, helps fold laundry (or jumps on it and throws it in the air), and so on...and while it takes longer, it keeps him happy. I think if the 3 year old is happy, everybody is happy.

Today he had a decent day. He squeezed orange juice, made coffee, stamped Valentine cards, painted a gnome, baked rolls from scratch, helped prepare snacks, played games with mom, helped with the bubble bath, read books, and of course poked and chased his big brother mercilessly.

He is quite a little guy!


dawn klinge said...

You've definitely got the right idea with letting your 3 year old help you in order to keep him out of trouble. I need to remember to let my son help me more often also- it does take more time but sure makes him happy. Your little guy is so cute!

World Wide Alternative said...

And all before breakfast!
Yep, we have the girl version over here.
Needless to say, I get a lot of help too!
Good on ya Mumma...Xxx

Sally said...

Oh, yes, we have been in this place for a year now! I remember the term "terrible twos" and thinking that whoever came up with that never had kids. Two is Great! Three is the challenge! You are amazing to be able to roll with it so well! I have found that helping Mom is a great way to waylay a lot of potential "fires." Now if I can get Mom to chill out a bit....

Lizz said...

Three really is something special.

Tara said...

Three is challenging, but so much fun!
Thankfully Owen still likes to help me do most things.... especially if there is an opportunity for messiness. :)
(The bread looks yummy.)

Kitty Mommy said...

Us, too...deep in the threes! Bean is a shining example of the "stubborn" side of three! She can dig her heels in like nobody's business. It takes some real creativity to accomplish anything some days!

Maria said...

Wow! What a busy day for that little guy! Way to go, Mom!