Wednesday, October 28, 2009

corner view:: water

This weeks corner view is :: water. With two boys we always seem drawn to water, and a few of our favorite parks are at the top of the list because of their large smooth lakes. Last weekend we decided to take the car ferry to our favorite state park. The boys couldn't believe we hadn't taken them on this before - ahem. During tourist season the wait can be long (for a 7 minute ferry ride), but going off season meant we got on right away. The boys loved driving on, getting out and watching the water go by.

Of course once we crossed, the highway to the state park was closed due to construction, so we skipped it and took a scenic drive through amazing fall colors back home instead.

In looking back at some photos the other day, I saw our pictures from the lake this summer, and the boys at the same spot playing 2 years ago.

october 2007

september 2009

Time flies.

To see more corner views, visit::

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Monday, October 26, 2009

fall back.

I love the smells and sounds of fall - although this fall has been so cold, wet and gray it hasn't seemed much like fall! In a way I wasn't surprised that my back 'went out' again when the cold wet weather hit a few weeks back. So - I have been pretty much out with back pain and immobility for several weeks. But after five (long) months of physical therapy, I feel like I have it more under control and know what to do when it gets bad. This time I've been hurting but I have kept it from getting emergency room bad. And thankfully I have been getting better over the past few days. Exercise, ice, no long computer time, no long sitting. So long story longer, I've been away for a bit, but am feeling like I am now on the mend and having less pain every day, and so hope to share more of our busy fall!

It has been nice, in a way, to have this back set-back during the cold wet dark dreary days we've been having. If it had been sunny and gloriously autumn, it would have felt like we were missing out. But with the dark cold, the boys have been happy to work on their projects, putter with science kits, read new books, build things, watch interesting DVDs from the library, create books/comics, play with the rabbit, and just be home a bit more.

Of course we have been out and about a bit - some fun excursions on those days the sun made a brief appearance - out to see the colors and birds and sun. And the early darkness has meant a lot of fun with light sabers, glow stick inventions, pumpkins and all of those other dark loving projects.

More later, but for now, I'm happy to be able to sit at this computer - even if only for a short time! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Photos of the Day. G...

"Inside all of us is a Wild Thing"
— Where the Wild Things Are

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


We have had a busy week - a 3-day trip to Minneapolis, and a new rabbit! The first thing I must share, of course, is the rabbit. Her name is Bianca, but the boys call her Hunka (as in hunka hunka bunny love). ;)

She is a lovely angora rabbit. The lady who held her for us for the past month so that we could pick her up on the way home from our trip clipped her for us, as when we last saw her she was fully fuzzy. So we came home not only with a sweet bunny, but a nice big bag of fur to spin into angora yarn!

She is sweet and curious, and the boys are thrilled she is here. She lives both in an outdoor hutch and indoor cage...and is getting more used to us, so is almost sitting on laps. The boys have been spending every moment they can near her, getting her used to their voices and keeping her company in her new home.

Our cat seems to think she is pretty interesting too, and gives her nose kisses often. The boys have been reading and learning about rabbits for the past few weeks, and are enthusiastically helping with cleaning, brushing, and feeding.

Very exciting!

Now I just need to (significantly) improve my hand spinning skills so that I can make yarn from this delicate fur!