Wednesday, October 07, 2009


We have had a busy week - a 3-day trip to Minneapolis, and a new rabbit! The first thing I must share, of course, is the rabbit. Her name is Bianca, but the boys call her Hunka (as in hunka hunka bunny love). ;)

She is a lovely angora rabbit. The lady who held her for us for the past month so that we could pick her up on the way home from our trip clipped her for us, as when we last saw her she was fully fuzzy. So we came home not only with a sweet bunny, but a nice big bag of fur to spin into angora yarn!

She is sweet and curious, and the boys are thrilled she is here. She lives both in an outdoor hutch and indoor cage...and is getting more used to us, so is almost sitting on laps. The boys have been spending every moment they can near her, getting her used to their voices and keeping her company in her new home.

Our cat seems to think she is pretty interesting too, and gives her nose kisses often. The boys have been reading and learning about rabbits for the past few weeks, and are enthusiastically helping with cleaning, brushing, and feeding.

Very exciting!

Now I just need to (significantly) improve my hand spinning skills so that I can make yarn from this delicate fur!


TheOrganicSister said...

oh my goodness! how exciting!! and so dang cute. some friends of ours in NY just got an angora not too long ago. it's actually the 11y.o. DD's and i think she plans to create awhole business from it. you guys are making me want more animals. ;)


Lizz said...

Cute Rabbie friend!

Angora rabbit is indeed very slippery. I add it to my other fibers and it gives a nice light halo to the yarn. It dyes very subtle soft hues as well. Have fun!

Michelle said...

That yarn will be lovely. Is that one of the reasons you bought her?

Dawn said...

Our little guys has been wanting a rabbit for so long but we need a tad more space to make that dream come true. Love the shave job and love the name the boys call her!

Have a wonderful weekend, we are off to the mid-west soon!!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, that bunny is very cute. And so is the boy imitating the bunny.
Enjoy her. And the angora yarn you spin.

Anonymous said...

I recently spoke with a Norwegian fiber master. He claims that rabbit hair is a much stronger fiber compared to sheep. I'm not sure, but I do know it's easier on my fingers. Enjoy your new bunny for fiber and fun.

Anonymous said...

The bunny is so cute!

Zachary and Jennifer said...

I am excited to see what you will do with the wool!


Linda said...

After seeing that fiber, I am SURE I want an anogora! I have been thinking about it, but I think I'm over the edge now.
I'll start looking for one!

RunninL8 said...

So THERES Grandpa's toupee!!!!