Friday, February 01, 2008

Drumming Away.

A has been wanting to start drumming, so he got a drum pad and sticks as a holiday gift - but classes won't start until spring. He likes to sit and (try to) drum along with music playing or as he sings a favorite song. He is going to love drum lessons!

G likes to drum too. He picks up the sticks and immediately has a rhythm going. He zones out a little, doesn't look at his hands, and is super quick. He always surprises us.

If we have music playing during the day one of the boys usually grabs the sticks and the pad and starts drumming along...then the other starts on the piano...someone sings...and it just escalates from there. What is the phrase? Controlled Chaos!

Music was such a part of my childhood, and I love watching the boys enjoying and exploring it too, finding what they like, absorbing and experimenting, listening and creating. Great fun!


tiff said... they wear them all day? just curious, as my guys are content in their oh so soft jammies on these cold winter days.

you are brave...drums sticks...i see my two using them as weapons...giggle :) so we just have the hand drums...less stress for me.

denise said...

Tiff - Sometimes! :)

I have clothes set out downstairs every morning but some days they just want to stay in PJs as long as possible. By the end of the day my 3 year old is on his 4th outfit anyway, so...whatever! :)

Amazingly they have not used drum sticks as weapons yet. I wasn't sure how it would go, but they just drum! They like hand drums too, but A wants to learn how to play a kit, so we have a practice pad. I played drums a bit over the years so it is fun for me too!

Anonymous said...

Those boys you have are just so darn cute! My little guy has a drum that he loves to bang on...but in no way does he have any rhythm yet!

Chole White said...

Have you played the "word drumming" game? This is something we learned at drum circle years ago & L still loves to do. It's a super easy way to teach both rhythm, drumming & surprisingly, syllables in words.

-pick a silly word or combo of words (Mississippi hot dog, sterling caterpillar)

- Drum to the "rhythm" of the words. So Mississippi hot dog would be 1,2,3,4 rest 1,2 while sterling caterpillar would be 1,2 rest 1,2,3,4

- feel free to sing the words along as you drum. It's tons of fun!