Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow, snow, snow, snow.

Snow, snow, and more snow. We have had over 12 inches since last night with much more still coming. Photos cannot quite capture how hard it is coming down or the winds.

I put seed on the ground near our back door as the birds were getting blown off the feeders, but their little snow covered bodies were still being blown over. The seed is now covered in a 4 or 5 foot drift on our deck, so the birds are hopefully snuggled in until after the storm!

When it is snowing this hard I'm addicted to the local road conditions cameras. I sneak a peek a few times a day to see how it is out there (the plows don't visit our neighborhood often, so it always seems pretty bad from here). But today...not a day to be out! Glad we are cozy at home, building forts, playing and pretending. Now lets hope my husband can make it home later! Since several neighbors are currently stuck in the road in front of my house, that isn't a good sign!

NOTE: Can I just say I love our neighbors? Our neighbor 5 houses down is now snowblowing sidewalks for the entire block (love him, he always does this in the big storms so people won't get hurt shoveling). Two guys went out with snowblowers and shovels to attempt (meaning the cars are still stuck) to dig out a few cars stuck in the road out front. And 2 guys are out back helping another neighbor get his car through our massive drift filled alley into his garage. And this is not just today, it is every big storm we have had.

OH...and I went out to try to see how bad our driveway was, and another neighbor had cleared our driveway, and 4 dads were all clearing the alley. Another dad knocked and said he cleared our air intake for our furnace in our yard (covered with a 6' drift) and as I was shoveling the front, another neighbor came out to snowblow the entire sidewalk on our side of the street. THANK YOU!!!!!


Maria said...

Well, this makes me reconsider a trip out to WI! I was just thinking I need a vacation and want to visit family, but perhaps another time!
The pictures are beautiful, tho!


Claudia - La Casa nella Prateria said...

Oh, I'd love to have such neighbours!

live4evermom said...

I'll show hubby these pictures, maybe he will stop wanting a snow vacation. Stay warm!

denise said...

Maria--definitely not the week for a Wisconsin vacation. :) Maybe next week.

Live4evermom--yeah, snow is beautiful and fun, but not ALL IN ONE DAY! :)

dawn klinge said...

I don't think I've ever seen so much snow! Ever since reading the Little House on the Prairie books, I've wanted to experience being "snowed in" just once. Your neighbors sound like such good people.

World Wide Alternative said...

I just popped by to see how that snow was treatin' ya...MAN!
I love how stuff like this brings out the best in people.
Hang in there! Xxx

Lisa Zahn said...

That is awesome! We have a neighborhood like yours here in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Everybody helps each other out and we have so much fun.

I wish we'd gotten as much snow as you guys did in Wisconsin. I think Southern MN got it too, but not our part of Central MN. We got an inch at most. Boo hoo.

Nothing like a good snowstorm to get everyone cozied up at home, and then outside to shovel and plow.

Nikki said...

Do we live in the same neighborhood?

denise said...

NKD-literally or metaphorically? ;)

I have seen your blog photos of your new house when you moved here last summer and I thought at first we might...but I think you might be on the west side (we are east)?

Nikki said...

Figuratively and literally. Someone actually plowed my driveway yesterday-- (with a truck I think?) and my neighbors have done the sidewalks so many times. I do live on the west side so I guess we are not in the same area but the picture of your neighborhood looks so similar to mine!