Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kids Crafts.

I don't often find kids craft books that I really like. I recently discovered a new book, Crafting With Kids: Creative Fun for Children Aged 3-10, which has many fun projects as well as nice photography! It has end to end projects using a variety of materials for a good age range.

There are many fun projects in the book -- potato printing, rock painting, felt finger puppets, yarn pompoms, lavender filled felt pockets/sachets, tie-dye shirts, paper pinwheels, paper mache dinosaur, little wood sailboat, wooden spoon puppets, doll house furniture, and much more.

Definitely many good ideas using everything from paper to fabric to wood to paint.

Crafting With Kids: Creative Fun for Children Aged 3-10 by Catherine Woram

I have also been enjoying my new subscription to Living Crafts Magazine...the spring issue just arrived! Many wonderful craft projects for both mom and kids!


Claudia - La Casa nella Prateria said...

Thank you for sharing that!

dawn klinge said...

I want a subscription to that magazine, it looks like a good one.

World Wide Alternative said...

Ooooooooo books.
I'm going to go broke on books...Xxx

Lizz said...

I do have to check out Living Crafts, don't I?

Ayla said...

I love Living Crafts, it's the coolest thing since sliced bread! Thanks for reminding me I need to boogy down to my co-op and pick up the latest issue!

Lisa Zahn said...

Ooh, I love the new Living Crafts mag. I happened to find one at Micheal's before Christmas and snatched it right up. I could tell from the cover that it was "Waldorf-y", and I was right. I am jealous you subscribed and now have the spring issue. I will have to send in my subscription, too.

Thanks for the book reviews, too.