Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pumpkins and Spooky Barns.

Today we visited a farm to get some pumpkins and squash - both for pies/baking and decoration/seasonal table. The farm we visited is new for us - I am not one for big crowds, so we went "out" a little more and were not disappointed.

The boys loved seeing the farm, equipment, animals, and the vast selection of squash and pumpkins. Everyone who was working there was so laid back and friendly and the shade and breeze in parts was very nice on such a hot day - and - NO crowd!

They even went into the dark and spooky haunted shed where they saw flickering spiderwebs, screeching cats, and heard spooky sounds. A doesn't like being scared so left quickly, but G went back in there all by himself and almost made it to the end (15' or so), before turning around and running back to me as fast as his legs would carry him. Of course, this was very simple and just for the small kids, so was not "scary" other than it was dark and had sounds! That is enough, though, when you are 2!

It was a super HOT day, but we had a fun time and brought home lots of goodies!

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tiff said...

oh how fun...the pumpkins are beautiful. my guys love the idea of being scared too.

looks like you guys had a fun outing and a new place to visit.