Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Look mom, no hands!

For those of you who live in the area, the photos are from the new Dream Park in SP that everyone has been talking about. For everyone else, here are the photos of the day --- including my 4 year old hanging upside down, no hands! :)



Kitty Mommy said...

Cool! We will definitely have to go check it out. The one in Fitchburg is our favorite park and we've been to the Monona one several times too!

Anonymous said...

And mom responds to the daredevil: Look kids, no heartbeat!

denise said...

kitty Mommy - It is a nice park. It is just off of N (turn onto Park St.) in downtown Sun Prairie. Not the best parking layout, but no biggie. Lots of trees and HUGE! The best one yet.

Karen - Oh, yes, exactly. He has always been the active/daring/physical one, so I'm a little desenstized at least, by now. Just try to teach him the "safe" way to be a daredevil! :)

denise said...

Oh, and I can spell, really.