Thursday, October 04, 2007

CSA Box This Week & TURKEY!

Today, a hot sunny day in October, turned out to be "Turkey Day". It all began as we drove the few miles to where my husband works (another car in the shop...) - and were delayed by a whole line of turkeys in the road. Turkeys are not too "cool"...they always seem skittish and freaked out. They saw the car, but the other turkeys were already across. This led to a frantic rush of turkeys, rushing in to the road, wugahwugahwugah shrieking all the way across. One turkey would hesitate (car!), but then, seeing ALL THOSE TURKEYS on the other side, decide to make a mad dash. We sat for a long while. Waiting for the turkeys to FINALLY cross the road. My 4 year old thought it was HYSTERICAL. "Mama, why did the turkey cross the road? To get to all the other turkeys!" haaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa. (Isn't it crazy how green everything in the photo above is? Parts of the area are at peak colors, others...nothing!)

After dropping my husband off at the mechanic to pick up his car, we headed out to pick up our CSA box. As soon as we exited to the small country road, the last streak of turkey flashed to the left. Sure enough, a whole huge group of turkeys. And, of course, while at the farm, we looked at and waved at the heritage turkeys trying to stay cool on this hot fall day.

We picked up our CSA and took the back road home. A hoped to watch some farm equipment in action since it is that time of year, and sure enough, field after field with large John Deere combine harvesters, massive utility tractors with bins overflowing with corn, and semis waiting in fields to be loaded up. We had to drive behind several tractors hauling their loads from field to field, their tires as large as our car. A was ecstatic, naming make and model and waving to farmers. Of course, we also saw turkeys FIVE more times on the way home. Yep, Turkey Day!

This week in our CSA Box: Brussellini, slicing & roma tomato mix, leeks, mixed beets, celeriac, broccoli, red cabbage, carnival squash.

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I love the picture of the autumn barn.

We usually see wild turkeys a little later on in the fall, more toward November, down in the Manzanos. They are skittish and also seem somewhat impulsive to me! N says that for wild turkeys, ADHD is a species-wide characteristic. LOL!