Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Black Cats, Jack O Lanterns, Spooky Ghosts.

Well, I have been on deadline and so haven't posted since Monday. I have a TON of stuff I wanted to blog about...some of our kitchen adventures (the boys made from scratch fettuccine!), some food preservation, some holiday crafts. But I'll have to leave that for another day. Right now I'm excited because I was looking at The Toymaker website and ogling all of the amazingly cool and funky Halloween paper crafts.

Oh yes, the paper art is always so amazing there, and Halloween is my fav. From spinny jack O lantern pickers to spooky paper banners, from candy corn boxes to ghost shows, from treat bags to bookmarks. Plenty of paper fun to last until October 31 (well, and beyond!) . I have a bunch printed for tomorrow!

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