Saturday, October 13, 2007

Devil's Lake State Park.

Today we ventured north to Devil's Lake State Park to do a little wandering, playing on the beach, and checking out the fall colors. This park is so beautiful - massive cliffs and bluffs, large serene lake, steep hills and rolling valleys.

Our plan was originally to visit a "Fall Festival", but letting the boys dig, play, roam, wander, explore, and just BE outside on a chilly beautiful fall day seemed a better idea. They loved the lake and beach. They threw rocks, played with "seaweed", collected pine cones/shells/acorns/leaves, found big sticks to poke into the sand, ran down the beach, got too wet, and found all kinds of fun things.

We spent a few hours wandering down the beach and back and took lots of photos. I posted a bunch of our photos from today on ||Flickr||. Check them out! :)


Jodi Anderson said...

Did you go to South Shore? (Guessing from your photos.)

We go to Devil's Lake, or one of the parks in their system like Parfrey's Glen, almost every week! :)

denise said...

Yes, and actually, your Parfrey's Glen pix are what made me want to go. ;) The trail for the PG looked like it might be tough for a two year old, so we decided to just do the beach today, and then if they still had energy or got bored to move to a pretty easy/flat trail for a walk - but they LOVED the beach so we never made it farther!

So it was South Shore--not sure of where the other was, I didn't have a map or info since I decided en route that I wasn't going to the other event! We definitely want to go back!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the best mom ever, and I know you hear that from at least two other people from time to time.

denise said...


Maybe yesterday ... today my 4 year old wanted to "ship me off to the landfill". :) What can ya do.

tiff said...

beautiful pictures...great family time! ah...and the shipping off to a landfill...good vocabulary...hee :)

looks like a fantastic fall weekend.