Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crafts, crafts, crafts.

I bumped into someone I know when we were out and about the other day, and she commented that she was surprised we hadn't done any Halloween crafts this month. Well, we have, we have just been busy with lots of things so I haven't been posting them! Here are just a few of the fun craft projects we did so far this month (and thanks to grandma who surprised us with craft supplies!).

Beeswax window decor. We took sheets of beeswax, used a cookie cutter and hammer to cut out the shapes, punched a hole in the top, and hung it up with a ribbon on our curtain rod. When the sun shines in the warm smell of beeswax fills the room. MMMMm.

Grandma surprised us with a stack of craft supplies - and the stack of Halloween paper was used to make these window decorations. The boys decorated and glued paper Jack O Lanterns and we taped them in the front window. They are cute!

The boys embellished and decorated a few scrapbook pages to give to our craft supplies benefactor of the month. There has to be some room on there for her to put some photos of 2 sweet boys picking pumpkins!

I posted this and the boys looked at it and reminded me (heartily) that I forgot the felt fall banner they made!!!!!! OH MY!!! I guess some projects were OK to leave out, but this one was not. So. We also cut and decorated felt fall banner pieces, sewed them onto a ribbon, and hung across our curtain rod!


Cami said...

Love the banner, a great way to welcome fall! Kudos to your boys for reminding you to blog about it!

tiff said...

I love it...I am going to steal it...what a great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons...fun...fun...fun!

All your other projects are awesome too...K & R love to watercolor paint, but this year we did leaf rubs with "naked" crayons.

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Always impressed and humbled by your bounty. And deep bow to the one household that recognizes Halloween as a part of the season, not the entire season. I heard recently in the parking lot of a discount store that Halloween has displaced Christmas as the merchandising holiday for which the most decorations are SOLD.