Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Crayon Totes.

I have been working on some ideas for kids gifts recently, and trying out ideas and tweaking sizes whenever I have a moment at the sewing machine during the day. My 2 year old is a creative little person, and carries his crayons/oil pastels/Stockmar around in every sort of container you can imagine. So one of the things I wanted to work on was a crayon tote.

I have seen some really cute versions on some other blogs, but I didn't want a big roll ... I wanted a flat tote.

The first one I made for the Stockmar was *almost* right - but since they are fatter than the regular crayons, I didn't quite get it wide enough - but my second try was better.

I also made a longer version to hold the thinner triangle colors. I used cotton fabric for both sizes, but lined them in craft felt so there is some stiffness and weight. G picked out the fabric for the longer one I made today ... b&w fabrics with red thread & ribbon.

He spent a very long time after it was done putting them in ... taking them out ... putting them in ... taking them out...

I think I have a few little tweaks I still want to make to get everything just right, but I think it will make a cute gift template in the end!


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you're amazing.

cloth.paper.string said...

great variation on the crayon holder!