Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Peace and Motion.

Every once in awhile someone will ask if my boys are always as calm, focused and happy as they look in the blog pictures and I laugh. I know, with blogs we present a world of what we want to share. We don't hide or lie, but I'm not exactly taking photos as my boys shriek at each other for the 25th time in one day about one particular toy or each time my 3 year old throws himself on the floor to have a 3 year old tantrum.

I like calm. I like balance. I like peace. I have 2 spirited amazing spunky boys. And with the cold cold cold weather we are not out at parks or in the yard as much as in the summer to let it all out - so we look to other places to keep the peace, give the boy energy an outlet, and make our home peaceful and creative and much as it can be, that is.

One of the great winter activities for us is yoga. We can be serious, we can be silly, we stretch, bend, balance, focus, move, and breathe. It isn't about form - we just need time to move our bodies, be with each other, relax and have fun.

And even if there were tears before we begin, it always ends with joyous boys. And a happy mom. Good for one and all.

This is my favorite picture from today. This is 20 minutes after the one on top.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Yoga? So that's your secret!

It has been really cold here, as well, and the snow we got last week has yet to melt much. So we are doing Taekwondo and archery (at the indoor range in town) in order to work off some of taht energy!

tiff said...

Ah...we do guys have been doing Yoga since they were 2 years old...and they LOVE it! I have not taken pictures of them in awhile in their Yoga postions...I should, so they could look back and see how much they have grown with Yoga.

BTW...I like doing kids yoga...when I attempt the adult yoga...well I am just not so good at it...a class might be a better venue for me.

Sally said...

It's so glad to hear this, as there is so much peace and calm in your blog -- what a retreat for me!
What kind of yoga do you do? How do you facilitate it with them?

Jodi Anderson said...

X has a great yoga for kids book and if I'm brave enough to enter her room to find it, I'll be back with the title. Really great book and well illustrated.

Jodi Anderson said...

This is the book:

I forgot to mention that I practice yoga as well, mostly ashtanga and hatha.

Anonymous said...

That last one looks like Georgia making fun of me. But that's the point I so often miss: making fun.

dawn klinge said...

These are some really great photos. They really make me want to try some yoga with my kids.

Annette said...

Yoga is a big hit around here too. We have a few books--an old one called Be a Tree! Be a Frog! and some new ones like My Daddy Is a Pretzel. We have some great videos too by Yoga Kids. We need to do it more often.

Maria said...

Greet the sun, boys, greet the sun.

Anonymous said...

Man, I need to get my son started on yoga...we could really use some peace around here. Do you think 16 months is too young ;)

Unknown said...

Love this.. I've been thinking about yoga and the kids so much lately. They are only 19 months so I'm not sure how long it would last, but I'm going to give it a shot.

Love love love your photos. :) They are having so much fun!

denise said...

My cable was out for awhile, so I am answering a bunch all at once!!! So, this is long.

Tiff--I used to practice yoga (ashtanga)for so many years and with kids and working from home for years, I'm just not quite as flexible or strong as I used to be. Doing the fun stuff with the kids gets it all moving though, and stretches me out!

Sally--with the boys it is primarly hatha. As for facilitating...I used to try videos or music but it was just a free-for-all of boy wrestling! So I just stand in the middle of the living room, no words, and start doing poses. Within 30 seconds, every time without fail, both boys are there doing it with me.

Jodi--Thanks for the book rec! That looks like an interesting one. I have tried some of the newer kid yoga books and for some odd reason they just wander away so we usually look at adult yoga books. That book, though, looks very interesting (not too "kid") and I bet they will like it! I have it on hold from the library.

Laura & Emilie--When my oldest was a toddler we did do lots of simple poses. I don't think they are too young. THere are also some mom with child yoga books out there too. A good toddler book is:'
Little yoga : a toddler's first book of yoga by Whitford, Rebecca

The book we are looking at this week (the boys love the images) is:
Total yoga : a step-by-step guide to yoga at home for everybody by Fraser, Tara.

Karen--We do make our own fun in this home! :) I generally only meditate after boys are sleeping, so they don't know anything of what it means. The boys are so young -- we don't pretend that they are meditating -- but we do sit in that position, close our eyes (or they giggle at each other) and then hum. They hum gently until they tickle their lips, vibrate their teeth, and ring it through their heads. Then they get louder and louder, trying to keep the vibration! It is a nice way to end.

Hmmm...I'll have to check out My Daddy Is a Pretzel! Thanks! :)

World Wide Alternative said...

Of course! Brilliant! I'm going to look for the DVD I've got hidden somewhere...Xxx

Tara said...

Owen took a yoaga "class" when he was around four yrs. old, I think. It often turned into a rowdy bunch of kids, toppling over one another, but he had a great time. Perhaps it is time to give it a try again.
I love the photos!!

Cathy said...

Those pictures speak volumes! I practice yoga, and my son has been doing variations of poses on and off over the past couple years. It really does make for a happy child!

I haven't commented before, but I really enjoy your blog :)