Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Color...and Lots of Dirt!

We had a busy day today with day 2 of our planting extravaganza. The boys were excited by all the DIRT so we got a bunch done.

We finished our pots -- the tiny shells the boys chose themselves to glue on did some gloopy running down the sides, but after it dried they look nice. As the glue was drying we worked on our Root-Vue Farm project which the boys received as a Christmas gift. They really enjoyed hydrating the peat pellets that came with the kit. From there we filled up the base with the soil, sprinkled seeds on top, covered with soil, and took upstairs to a sunny window. That will grow carrots, onions, and radishes.

When that was done our pots were about dry and ready!

We went into the garage to make a potting mix. We mixed some of our good potting soil with a few handfuls of cocoa bean mulch to lighten it up...since the boys will probably over water in their enthusiasm. We used our own saved seeds from last summer and planted cilantro and dill.

The boys scooped and sprinkled and watered. Very exciting.

After that, A wanted me to read one of the library books we had picked up from the library related to seeds/planting. He picked:

by Susan Blackaby

After that they still had energy and we made honey oatmeal cookies. Good day!


World Wide Alternative said...

What a great day! Can't wait to see what pops up.
And the Root-Vue Farm? Much more Mum friendly than the old ant farm...Xxx

saskia said...

what fun blog and pictures- I'll have to read it more!

Silvia said...

What a cool idea to paint the shells. My daughter received a big box of small shells from a good friend of mine and we know she'll use some for jewelry, but now I'm thinking broader . . . And if we paint the broken ones, we could to mosaics, too!

kristin said...

oooo, glad to have wandered this way!

Lizz said...

Fun! Your wee boys are looking sharp. And I see some art there in the background.

piscesgrrl said...

So wait... are you going to grow carrots, onions, and radishes indoors? Now?

I have sunny south-facing windows - can I really do this? Hmm... that would sure help cure the winter doldrums...

denise said...

piscesgrrl--The Root-Vue set the boys got is for any time of year. It has a plastic window so light gets in the root area too. I think a warm, sunny window should be fine. I don't know if it will work or be a complete dud...but we are trying!