Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cool Clay.

There is something about the feel of clay in your hands. The dampness, the coolness, the slick powder feeling on the fingertips as it dries. The boys seem to love it too, and always have fun working and creating.

The process of working with it is the interesting part too...whether you can tell what it is in the end...

...or if you can't.

This is G's abstract sculpture. I love seeing his little 3 year old fingers rolling and pinching away. He says it is a bowl with a snake and wings. He says he likes it better than the red bowl he made. My 4 year old? He made two trucks (his semi sculptures, he says). Their personalities just come right out when they create - love it!


Tara said...

I love the last sculpture- particularly interesting!

Lizz said...

Oh the love of mud!

Anonymous said...

My kids love clay too! My oldest (10) found some clay in our woods last summer and we got all the rocks out of it and it was wonderful, dried beautifully, even if a bit rough ;)

Thanks for the comment. I like your spool header, sharp!