Sunday, January 06, 2008


We didn't mean to be driving in something like this. The morning forecast before we left said starting to clear around noon, fog advisory expires at noon. It opened at noon, we should be OK. They changed the forecast after we left, I guess, but we didn't know. More fog.

As we carefully drove home, hands on wheel, at attention, lights on, slow enough to stop in what we could see, spaced back, quiet, all focus on the wall of white - vehicles zipped past us at full speed (65mph). Drivers talking on cell phones. NO headlights. Eating. Not using blinkers to pass. Tailing each other at less than one car length - car 1, car 2, car 3, car 4, car 5, all so close (too close!) quickly disappearing one after another into the fog.

It was scary to see that something this horrific happened close to home at the very same time.

I was so relieved to arrive home safely with my two little beautiful boys and my husband.


Sally said...

Oh, how awful! I am so thankful that you made it safely! It sounded like the fog had settled in. I hope you can stay snug as a bug at home, or be safe when traveling!

Lizz said...

You are right, those folks flying by and not caring put everyone at risk. That pileup sounded bad. And fog like that...I know we often have it here all year, off the ocean. It is up to us all to drive safely and KNOW what that means. I always do!

World Wide Alternative said...

Why do people think that anything could be more important than driving safely?
A telephone call? Hunger? Arriving on time? Come on...Xxx

Lora Maria said...

I love it! You were being as safe as possible...taking photographs...darn those people on their phones! =) What is with all this fog? i'm ready to move on.

denise said...

Lora--I wasn't driving! :D