Monday, January 28, 2008

Coughs & Classification.

Our days are getting back to normal, although the boys are still a bit worn down. The nights are hard...coughing little guys who cannot breathe. It hurts me to not be able to magically make the aching chests and throat feel better so they can simply sleep and get well.

This week we have a few new books that A is excited about. The other night, we were sitting and chatting with A, who was asking about names of rays and skates. He wanted to know how they get their names. Who got to name them? So we got to where we were chatting about the "fancy" real names of plants and animals, and then the common names which we use, since it is easier for regular people to remember. We just happened to have the new The Deep book (very cool book) in from the library, which has the scientific names with each image. From his questions, we ended up on Wikipedia, with him wanting to know how all animals are classified. He was so excited to know that there were actual scientific names that were much more interesting than the normal names - and he wanted to pronounce each one (well, as much as WE could pronounce them), and thought it was so cool that each animal had a kingdom, phylum, class, family, genus, and so on. We have several books coming from the library, and he is a bit excited to find out that the scientific world is categorized! :) I love watching his excitement and interest grow from things like this. Fun!


World Wide Alternative said...

Such sweet boys...Xxx

dawn klinge said...

My kids would love that book also, I'll have to look for it. Those are very cute pics of your boys!

piscesgrrl said...

First of all, THOSE EYES! My GAWD.

Ok, that aside (grin), a scientist friend of mine likened the classification levels to our mailing address - world, continent, country, zip code, state, city, street. Makes it easy for them to relate to the expansive groupings.

Sally said...

I understand all the coughing...we are still dealing with lots of coughing, not only from our little guy, but the girls as well. Hoping a speedy recovery!