Thursday, January 24, 2008

Growing, Growing.

Thank you for the well wishes. I feel like I am finally moving out of the worst of it today, although the boys are still at the rough stage. Today we spent most of the day again snuggling on the couch reading books and watching some DVDs.

Even though they are sick, the boys want to check on their plants often, and today was no exception. We start with the ceramic pots. A finger in the soil to feel for dampness and determine what needs water. Rotating the pot placement as we put each back into the windowsill to help alleviate the sideways growth. We then go upstairs to look at the RootVue, to check that soil as well and just look at the roots crawling and weaving their way down.

Everything is growing!


Anonymous said...

Even health grows, although sometimes it seems to be way behind the curve!

World Wide Alternative said...

Wow that was quick!
Even though you're all sicky you seem happy & thats half the battle I think. Hang in there, soon you'll be wondering what happened to those snuggly days on the couch...Xxx

tiff said...

green...growth...january...makes me smile...glad you are feeling more human.

Tara said...

I know you must hear this all the time, but what absolutely adorable boys you have! I love the shot of your son peering into the plant pot!
Glad things are turning around for you- the plants look great!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It is certainly nice to be able to look at the goodness of green and growthing things in the midst of snowstorms and the flu bug (yuck!).

We've had that in our house, too. I am the latest to get sick. Though I am on the mend now, I am still confining myself to the house a day longer.

I hope you all get well soon!

homemoma said...

great pots and i find your blog so interesting and joyful. we start our windowgarden in march usually. what do they grow in those pots?