Monday, January 07, 2008


Today we visited the Milwaukee Public Museum. If there is a choice between a kids museum or a science museum, A will take science every time. He loves information. Details. Minutiae. For years, this is who he is, how he is.

Now, G, is very different. He was not particularly interested in many of the exhibits (not even the butterflies!) and wanted to ride up and down the escalator instead. I know, he is just 3, but when A visited the museum at 3 he already knew the names of most of the beetles and butterflies, and identified many ocean creatures and dinosaurs. Because he is that kind of kid.

G is a smart little guy, but he isn't into information in the same way. He likes tactile colors, texture, images, art. G grumbled though parts of the museum as A wanted each and every plaque read aloud to him - but we did find a few spots just right for him. He LOVED an interactive kiosk about DNA sequencing. Who knew? And geology? He surprised us by remembering and identifying some rocks and gazed at their facets and colors. And the American Indian bead work and silver? Yep, loved it.

I love being able to see their differences and notice what makes them tick, what they like, what drives and interests them, and where they are lead by their explorations. They are so alike, these brothers, in many ways, but they are also such complete individuals, it is amazing to watch them as they go.

Definitely a fun day.


Lizz said...

You made me smile.

Tara said...

It is fascinating to see how children learn... Owen seems to be interested in everything (except math! LOL) If I suggest he take a break from something he is reading, or watching, he always says "Mom! I'm collecting data!"

World Wide Alternative said...

They're amazing little beings aren't they? Xxx

tiff said...

oh how i wished we lived near a city that had a really good science center for children...your pictures are amazing and your boys are so interesting and incredible individuals...we strive for that with the boys'!