Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blue & Green.

This week is planting week. We have been wanting to start some window herbs and the quiet of January is a good time. A was excited to see the books arrive from the library -- is it time? Yes! So this week we have plans to paint pots, plant seeds, read books about growing seeds, grow sprouts, and do a few other fun things.

Today was painting day. They each painted 2 pot/saucer sets. We used smaller ceramic pots which will hold a small herb plant each. They each also painted 1 small ceramic watering can. We used terra cotta/ceramic paint. The colors they chose were pretty bold!

We did the base layer today, and plan to coat them with a gold opalescent layer after the boys add a cool embellishment they selected. More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I have a question. Your home is the picture of creativity, collaboration and invention. Do either of your boys ever stamp their feet and say, "No! I don't want to do that today!"?

Just wondering. You deserve a MacArthur Genius Award one way or the other.

denise said...

Thank you. :)

When it comes to crafts and activities they usually get really excited and try to start without me. And if any one particular thing isn't very popular and one or the other wanders off -- that is fine. Go with the flow. I think since they are a part of the idea stage they are excited about the doing stage.

They don't stomp and yell no (yet?) ... almost all chaos around here is the brotherly he's touching my stuff its my turn he snagged my snack type. Sometimes starting a craft or project is the best way for them to give each other some space and focus on something else!

tiff said...

oh...this looks like a grand idea for the winter blahs...i think i am off to get some clay pots to paint...we are in desperate need of something living in the house...well besides us!

colorful clay pots holding some fresh herbs sounds like a lovely way to spend a january day!

thanks for being so inspiring!

Lizz said...

Thanks for the color!

World Wide Alternative said...

OOOOOOOOO! Hangin' for tomorrow! Xxx

Jodi Anderson said...

Aw, so sweet. I have SUCH poor light in my house. My plants are crying in protest. I have a large plant light with no place to put it, so I'm trying to find little plant lights. I'd love to put some under my upper kitchen cabinets.