Monday, January 07, 2008


G's sun drawing from today

All of this dark gray foggy crazy weather (tornadoes! in january! in wisconsin!) makes the inside color even more vibrant. Color and light affect mood, so lets bring in some color. Here are colors from our home today.

I think I'll keep an eye out for color themes this month - I have a feeling some color posts are coming. I always like a little boost during the dark cloudy days of January. How about you?


Suz. said...

Love the color. And did you change your blog design? Either way, looks great. :)

Lizz said...

Thanks for showing me your color. I'll play the color game this month!

Susan Harwood said...

Dear Denise

Fascinating . . . I was going to comment on the stunning colours on your blog . . . and look, there are two comments saying the same thing already!

I was also going to ask you if you would be able to tell me what the difference is between 'home schooling' and 'unschooling'? I am English and had assumed they were English / American terms for the same thing - but you use both.

And here is the reason I was looking at your site at all . . . (!)

I'm contacting people who list 'homeschooling' /'unschooling’ as an interest on their 'blogger's profile'.

I have a new blog called


It is concerned with the environment, building, architecture, politics and education.

It can be found at

It is in its very early stages just yet - so comments will be especially welcome!

Yours sincerely

Susan Harwood

Tara said...

Yes! A dash of bright, cheery color is much needed. It should hit 50 degrees here today, but it remains gray and damp. Lots of mushy, slushy melting snow and fog.
That's Maine in January for ya!!

World Wide Alternative said...

I was thinking about this today!
Today for us seemed a little blue & a little turquoise...Xxx
PS The picture of the sun is GORGEOUS! It's just itching to be embroidered!

Heather said...

i loved this colorful post! we've been color infusing around here too.. it's so dreary! we had a tornado pass over us here in so. wisconsin... totallly unexpected and crazy. tornadoes in january... crazy.

La Libertad said...

We started to paint our kitchen when we moved in, then I found out I was pregnant. To the wayside that project went. Now the appeal of a southwest inspired kitchen (complete with RED paint) sounds perfect for this blah weather. Will have to get on that project.

tiff said...


I agree that sun is just AWESOME!

It is -10F here this a.m., so your post was a much needed warmer upper!

looking forward to more of your colorful posts.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Tordadoes? In Wisconsin? In January? Yuck!

No wonder you did such a lovely job with the colors. It is beautiful!