Monday, January 21, 2008


We have really been enjoying watching the birds at our feeder this winter. This week we checked out Common Birds and Their Songs from the library. It is a book featuring 50 common birds with photos and info about each bird. The fun part is the audio CD that goes with it. The CD has about a minute of song from each bird in order. Several of the birds in the book visit our bird feeder, and many others we see out and about (wild turkey!). The boys love to sit and flip through the pages and listen to each bird, and chat about it.

And for those of you with cats? Our cats love the CD too, and will sit all puffed up and twitchy staring at the speakers!


Jodi Anderson said...

I've been meaning to share a link with you (if you don't already have it), but it's on my other computer. It is a site that features local birds and samples of their calls. When I worked with the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance, I shared it with the members and it was very popular. :)

I'll try to comment back with it from the other pc sometime soon.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Now that's fun for the whole family--including the felines! :)

dawn klinge said...

That does sound like a neat book. I bet I could drive my cats crazy with that c.d!

World Wide Alternative said...

hehehe, funny cats.
Pop over to mine when you have time...Xxx

Lizz said...

Thanks for sharing. I like to be able to identify birds while walking through the forest by their song.

Too funny about that cats!

Lora Maria said...

the kids and i were just listening to elizabeth mitchell's "you are my little bird" (which we do quite often) and i thought of you and your post this morning...

if you don't already have this cd, you need to check it out. it has by far been my favorite cd as a mama. great for the kids, peaceful and calm, and really enjoyable even for adults. =)

this is the link, and if you go to "little bird" and then "listen" you can hear the sound bites.

i think you'll love it! =)

p.s. i don't know this artist or work for her. =)