Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday morning nature walk.

Today we had our Sunday nature walk at a Hoyt Park - a local park with enough shade to make it bearable on these super hot days.

The park is a densely forested hilly area right in the midst of city, neighborhood and university. There is a park with shelters and bball court, and then trails that wind up and down the hillside.

There are many great fire pits, stone tables, and stone shelters along the trails. They were all built by workers in a government program established to give people jobs during the depression.

Many of the structures do still stand, and are spotted throughout the trails. A was in awe of the size of the stone slabs used to make tables next to many of the fire pits.

G just liked the shade, the rocks, and the shelter where we stopped for lunch - and of course walking along the moss covered rock wall in the clearing.

It was a super hot day (and only getting hotter this week) - but it was so comfortable in the shade - and we were able to see great plants, a few birds and animals, and of course swing!


soNOTcool said...

I may be a little biased, but I think that Madison is the MOST awesome city and its parks are just one of many reasons why.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I remember being taken to Hoyt Park as a child! What a trip down memory lane.

How hot has it been there? Our hottest time of summer is generally before the monsoon kicks in, which it has now.

Has it been very humid as well? Keep cool!

denise said...

It has been in the mid-90's, no rain in site, and super humid...our weather station today measured 97 in the shade. ICK!