Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Putt putt putting.

Last weekend we went to the Wisconsin Dells to play miniature golf (which A has been really really really wanting to try). I am not much of a busy weekend tourist destination kind of person, but we went early on Saturday morning and surprisingly it was not too hot nor too crowded.

The place we went has 4 courses, 2 of which are super easy for the little people, so we had the course to ourselves, it seemed, and could meander and play at each hole for however long it took. Our course only ran parallel to the busier more challenging course once, where we nervously skipped a few holes to get past a large family of smokers, especially once I realized I had forgotten G's inhaler.

The boys loved it, they both focused and tried to play the game, and actually did really well. They surely lasted longer than I expected, and A played to the 18th hole. G even devised his own way of using his club to "shoot" the ball in like playing pool, and could do so from a distance.

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