Thursday, July 19, 2007

How the garden is growing.

The boys worked hard to help plan and plant and water the garden - and get so excited as the veggies grow into something recognizable - and have such a hard time waiting patiently until they reach their full juicy ripeness.

With tomatoes, of course, they flower and then slowly grow from the size of a pea to a tennis ball, then go even more slowly (it seems) from green to red. The hardest part, I believe, is seeing the slight tinge of yellow beginning, and having to wait many more days before it can be picked. Many a green tomato has been picked and smushed on the front sidewalk by impatient hands. The peppers are the same - how hard for a 2 year old to differentiate when jalapenos can be picked small and still green, yet all of the other peppers must be picked only when large and red or orange. They are learning, though, and interested and happy with the results.

It is nice to be able to go out to check the plants and water the pots and have something ripe and ready to pick every day now!

Yes, those are all tomato plants-they are HUGE...and there are more! We have some in the back, some down the side, and some in pots in front. We will see which do better in different soils and light.

The pumpkin plant is massive and taking over our entire back bushes - but the boys are SO excited to see so many pumpkins growing!

The pepper plants are all looking amazing!
The big sunflower garden which is near the back peas and tomatoes (and popcorn corn!!!) is flowering and beautiful.

The morning glory bamboo pyramid is full and lush and growing off the bamboo onto the deck and spreading rapidly, giving us a nice enclosed cozy space on our gazebo covered spot


soNOTcool said...

Everything looks great.

For me, gardening is what makes summer bearable.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I remember tomato time and zuccini time when I was growing up in the midwest!

Once a neighbor called me over to her fence and surreptiously handed me a white paper bag. It was tomatoes. Of course we had our tomatoes, too. Lots of them. It seemed that no one could even give them away when it was a good tomato year. the same goes for zuccini. My dad refused to plant it 'cause, well, the neighbors used to put it on our porch in the dead of night! LOL!

Yours look beautiful! And isn't it wonderful how your children are growing up learning gardening?

A few smashed greenies are worth it!