Saturday, July 07, 2007

Making Cloth Napkins.

The topic of cloth napkins has popped up 5 or 6 times this week - right as I have been sorting and cutting fabric to refresh my napkin stash! I prefer to use remnants of fabric or garage sale/thrifted fabric for napkins, so that it puts all parts of the fabric to good use.

I usually make separate napkins for the boys - flannel is very soft & absorptive and I always have scraps from making other things. For day to day napkins, I like cotton. For this batch, I had some flannel moose remnants to make another set for the boys, and cotton for the full size napkins.

It is easy. Just cut the fabric to the size you want -

Roll and stitch, tucking corners in as you stitch to keep the corners from being lumpy.

And voila! Napkins.

For the more formal napkins/occasions or when buying fabric just for napkins/table linens, try organic linen or hemp fabric.

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