Monday, July 02, 2007

Life is a blur of activity.

Whew. What a week, it seems. I think that the last 5 days or so have been a blur. Right now I am writing as I take a break from working on a design project - deadline tonight.

Friday we took G to the hospital for another round of blood work. The technicians also missed the vein the first time, but managed to get the back of his hand in the second try. My husband came too, so at least the drive and the in and out were distracting. The little guy did ok, but boy was he sure angry to see what the deal was when we walked into the room and he realized...heyyyyy, you are going to poke me again!

Saturday our neighborhood association had a parade (posting pix soon) with a fire truck so the boys went. A decorated his bike and rode, and I pulled G in a wagon (his right knee hurts too much to pedal or walk much lately, hence the Dr. visits). After the parade there were snacks and drinks at the gazebos/fountain, and everyone chatted and let the kids visit the firefighters, climb into the truck, and splash around. It was nice - there were easily over 100 people attending, and while I do seem to know many families in our neighborhood, it is always nice to see new faces and all the new babies.

After the fun, we had to come home to get ready for a photographers arrival. Eeek. I do not much enjoy having my photo taken, but the local newspaper is doing an article in the "neighbors" section about the local mom community website I have here in town. It is a great resource, I put a lot of time and energy into it every week, and it is always nice to get the word out. But I don't like having my photo taken. The guy was very nice though, made everyone comfortable, and enjoyed chatting with the boys. We'll see if I look like a poofed blob of a mushroom in the photo or not...

Sunday we went to a new park (new for us, anyway) which was great. LOTS of shade, breezes, walking paths, and in a dense forest right in the middle of town. Who knew? Then a visit to a family friendly cafe in the area I just heard about, a walk around a beautiful neighborhood and then a bbq with my mom over. Then out with all of the kids on the block for bike riding and playing in our carriage lane. One of the dads did a dance for everyone with his sparklers, so it was entertaining for all of the parents too - hee.

I usually work only late at night, when the boys are asleep, but sometimes that just isn't enough time overall (or I don't have enough mental juice left so late in the day). But WHEN do you work when there is so much life going on?

So after all of that, here I am. I have been working in my head for days of course, and have little sketches strewn throughout my stuff, the house, and in my bags. But the actual production of idea into concepts. Well, that is today. So my procrastinating is done, and I must work some more. The good part is getting the multitudes of kisses when the boys see me ... after being away for all of 25 minutes at a time (they must come and "check on me" very, very often). They usually don't let me out of their site if they are awake, so even that amount of time means I get the welcome as though I have been out of the country for weeks - kisses, hugs, talk of every little thing they have done in the last 19 minutes...all sweet and welcome interludes, then back to dad for more fun and games.

Procrastination complete. Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

You do sound busy!

How is G doing? I hope the poking doesn't have to go on too long!

Looking forward to the parade pictures.

And procrastination--how well I know that tune!

Be well!