Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday morning nature walk.

We went out this morning to one of our favorite "in town" parks. It is a fun place for the kids in that it has 3 small play areas with picinic tables, each separated by a long shady walking path, with a more narrow lake path for the return trip - and a dock on the lake in the middle. It was warm yet breezy, beautiful, quiet, and after the heat of last week, a welcome respite.

More pix on Flickr.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, it does look so lovely there.

The sunflowers in one of the pictures were unusual. Do you know the type?

How has the heat been out your way?

denise said...

A type of Black-eyed Susans, I believe. There are a few others I photographed today that I want to look up - the puffy cotton wad, and then another (in Flickr) which looked like a big messy head of pumpkin seeds. Very interesting! :)

The heat was intense last week, and the past few days it went down to 80s. I think what makes it feel like it has cooled down a lot is that the nights have been down in the 50s. But by end of week we will be back to 90s and HUMID!

How about there?

denise said...

Pinnate Prairie Coneflower...that is the type of sunflower! :)