Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Shark Week!!

This week is Shark Week on Discovery Channel. My 4 year old is a HUGE ocean creature lover (claims he will be a marine biologist when he grows up), so we thought we would do some fun activities to tie in with it. We have a Tivo, so we are recording a few shows which are child-friendly (not scary), have lots of great underwater shots of sharks, and have a conservation/facts theme in them - and with the Tivo we can watch just a little bit each day. We checked out several fun books from the library and have a few crafts and games related to sharks planned too.

A loved the printed shark and ray cards we made today, which we printed from the Monterey Bay Aquarium website.

Here are just a few of the books we checked out so far this week (more coming!):

Encyclopedia prehistorica Sharks and other sea monsters

This book is a bit "old" for him, but boy does he think it is cool. It is a 3-D pop up book filled with prehistoric sharks - very neat.

I liked looking at it too, and it has many fun facts about the ancient creatures.

Surprising Sharks

We just got this book in today. It is very cute artwork, and more geared towards the younger set. It has a storyline going along, with facts about each shark (illustrated wonderfully) wrapped playfully around the artwork as subtext. The interesting thing is that this book features many of the less known and obscure sharks that you don't usually hear about.

We have several more books coming in, and A wants to make a shark hand puppet (I have lots of felt!!!). What a fun week!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Isn't it so much fun when your kids really get into something? I do some of my best learning from N., when he gets obsessed with something. For years it was radio telescopes, lizards and rockets. Now it's tracking and nature lore and craft.

denise said...

Yes! I totally agree - it is fun when A starts digging into something, and he is so enraptured and enthusiastic!

I am like that too though - I read a blurb about something that sparks my interest, and I have to research, read 47 books, look online, and find out every single detail about it - luckily my brain is best at retaining millions of miniscule facts! LOL!