Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pressed Flower Kids Craft.

Do you remember the flowers from our garden that the boys placed in a book to press a few weeks back? Well, we took a peek and they were dry! We pondered our options and A decided on the hanging "art" project. The end result looks GREAT, and they were easy to make.Supplies:
Glue stick, mod podge (or elmer's), large blank folding cards, ribbon, tape, background paper, brushes for glue.

I had several large recycled paper blank greeting cards which we used - and the background paper we used is hand made paper flecked with plants, so it matches the dried flowers. We used duct tape because my children wandered off with all my other tape, so that is all I could find!

Step 1. Rub glue stick on back of background paper, then center background paper on the front of the card. Press down.

Step 2. Tape the ribbon to the inside back of the card. Glue stick the inside of the card and press closed, sealing the card with the ribbon looping out the top to create a hanger.
Step 3. Lightly mod podge with brushes the background paper. Place the flowers gently on the glue. Using the brush, add more mod podge over the top of the flowers to coat (mom needs to help a bit with this part if the kids are little).
Step 4. Let it dry 15-20 minutes. You can do additional layers of mod podge over the top if you want.
They turned out great and both boys were able to work on it. You know how it goes - there was gloopy glue with brushes and a glue stick involved, so the kids loved it!


Unknown said...

they are BEAUTIFUL!!! And when you are done admiring them you can use them as cards!!!

denise said...

They were easy too - good combo! ;)

shelle said...

I love your cards, and thanks for the instructions. I have always had problems with the flowers falling off.

Anonymous said...

Found you on Crafty Crow. Love the prints.

Lisa said...

Denise, these are beautiful. Thanks for posting how to do this.

Lisa ;)

Rebekah Smith said...

these are absolutely beautiful!:-)...

thank you for letting us see!:-)

i love the ribbon hanger too!:-)


Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful! I collect and press flowers from my garden time to time and only recently discovered the wonderful world of modge podge! I just thought about using it to preserve and display them and came across this lovely craft you posted! Yours have turned out so beautifully and I'm so inspired! I'll need to lookup how to make my own paper though! Impressive!

singapore florist said...

what a cute craft for kids. the finishing touch also adorable.

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Carolyn said...

That is something all children should learn to do. An excellent activity for young children.