Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday morning camp out.

It is a beautiful morning for a "camp out". The boys asked about their tent. So we found it, set it up on the deck in a spot that was all green out the back window. They went around the house and collected blankets and pillows, and made a nice cozy place to play. They wanted a "canteen", so their SIGG bottle had to suffice. We popped popcorn for their snack, and they hung out and enjoyed the nice breezy morning!

Well, back to the tent for some reading!


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Such fun!

I remember doing camp-outs in the backyard as a kid. My dad would set up the tent and leave it up for a good week just for something different.

And because we didn't have central air, so it was cooler out there at night.

denise said...

Me too!

I started with the tent in the yard, but my 4 year old is a wasp magnet so we moved it up onto our screened deck area. ;) Still fun, though!