Thursday, June 28, 2007

CSA Box This Week, And More...

Today in our CSA box we had more yummy goodies. Lettuce, spinach, parsley, kohlrabi, broccoli, garlic scapes, cucumbers, strawberries (last week!), peas, and onion.

Guess what? Oh you wise mamas with older children who have "been there, done that" know the answer after my post from yesterday. Yes. The x-rays showed another item that required an additional blood test (yes, x-rays too yesterday, but that is a whole other story). The preservative they used in the blood for the other tests made the blood remaining in the vials useless for this particular test. We have to go again tomorrow for G to have more blood drawn. Oh, yes. We get to go to a different location specializing in kids so hopefully it will be not as dramatic or traumatic. We'll see.

We did some basic crafts today. Mostly just gluey, paint gloppy, wax pastel infused messing around. We visited a craft store for a few things to work on this next week...a bird feeder and a few tables to paint, and some items for our summer reading "program" (we made our own this summer) - so that should be fun. G picked up some pom pons, so he was ready to go...he is always more abstract and likes color and texture.

A, as always, built something - this time a bridge out of sticks to run his tractor over!

The sky was glorious tonight.

Edit: A few people have asked about our CSA this year - we have ours through JenEhr Family Farm. :)


Unknown said...

Denise, where do you get your CSA. I get mine through JenEhr and am really enjoying it. Only two more days till my next box!!! yeah. sorry for the needle trauma! :( Hugs to you and your little ones!

denise said...

We have JenEhr too! We switched farm this year since we are not too far from them - so we do the weekly Thursday pick-up right at the farm.

We get our meat/dairy/cheese/honey from local farmers too. Gotta Love Wisconsin!!!! :)

Thanks...hopefully my little guy will have an easier time tomorrow, and hopefully all the tests will have been in vain.